Inverse and direct modeling applied in the estimation of kinetic parameters of BSA adsorption


  • Diego Pinto Costa
  • Leôncio Diógenes Tavares Câmara
  • Mirtha Irizar Mesa
  • Orestes Llanes Santiago
  • David Curbelo Rodríguez
  • Antônio José da Silva Neto


The kinetic modeling applied in the parameters estimation of chromatographic adsorption processes is an important tool in the understanding and improvement of these separation systems. In this work, two kinetic models were utilized in the parameters estimation of BSA adsorption. The correlations between the irreversible kinetic model and the reversible kinetic model with the experimental data were carried out using the Linear Driving Force and the Random Restricted Window (R2W) method, respectively. From both models was possible to achieve a good fit with the experimental data, obtaining parameters with higher accuracy due to the low residues of the cost function.





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