An array of 14 points for a more realistic spatial averaging of the RF fields over the human body

Fidel Gilart González, Pedro Severo Infante Moreira


Seven different arrays of points for spatial averaging of the RF field strengths in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 3 GHz were investigated by numerical simulations in a 2D planar environment under several multipath propagation conditions in connection with their goodness to express correctly the spatially averaged value over the planar area equivalent to that occupied by a standing adult human and a standing 6 year-old child. Of the two investigated new arrays of points the 14-points one was proposed since it yielded the spatially averaged values nearer than those obtained over the reference areas. It was demonstrated also that this array of points can lead to better results compared to the arrays of points recommended in the exposure guidelines and standards, as well as to others proposed in the literature.

Palabras clave

electromagnetic fields; human exposure; spatial average

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