Assessment of the real public exposure to base stations over a day from instantaneous measurement

Fidel Gilart González, Pedro Severo Infante Moreira


The assessment of the real public exposure to signals emitted by base station antennas of mobile telephony over a day from an instantaneous measurement performed any time during the day is investigated. The considered RF ?eld sources were the mobile communication GSM850 and GSM1900 downlink signals received in an outdoor ?xed site in an urban environment. Two traffic channels were analyzed: Ch133 (870.2 MHz), corresponding to the GSM850 and Ch674 (1962.6 MHz), corresponding to the GSM1900. A mathematical model, based on the mean value and the standard deviation of the instantaneous electric field intensity, was proposed for predicting the maximum electric field exposure  over a day for a week starting from an instantaneous measurement. The results of assessment of the maximum electric field exposure using this method were compared with those obtained using another method recently proposed by other authors, and it was shown that they can be more realistic.  

Palabras clave

electromagnetic measurement; long term RF exposure of general public

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